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Keys to Success
First China Pharmaceutical Group is one of a few pharmaceutical distribution companies in Yunnan Province to be granted a "License of Internet Pharmacy Information Service" allowing online marketing and order processing.
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Healthy Growth Opportunity with First China Pharmaceutical Group

First China Pharmaceutical Group is a growing pharmaceutical distribution company generating significant revenue from the sale of pharmaceutical products in China. The Company operates through newly acquired Kun Ming Xin Yuan Tang Pharmacies Co. Ltd. (XYT), a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE). First China Pharmaceutical Group currently provides approximately 5,000 drugs to more than 4,700 customers in China’s Yunnan Province including pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

  • One of a few companies to secure an online pharmaceutical distribution license in Yunnan Province
  • Profitable operations with significant opportunity to expand sales to existing customers and attract new customers
  • Generated $17,809,836 in revenue and 2,008,093 in gross profit in 2009
  • China’s pharmaceutical market is growing more than 20% per year
  • Strong foothold in Yunnan Province, working to build a national pharmaceutical distribution network
  • Skilled management team with proven experience in China’s pharmaceutical industry

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